The 10 Best Fusion Restaurants In New York City

If you are tired of having the same dishes day after day and keen to give your taste buds a much-needed change, check out the top fusion restaurants in New York City. New York is a city of multiple cultures and ethnicities and it is only natural that it will be home to different types of cuisines. Also, get to know about restaurants that accept cryptocurrency as a payment in order to raise awareness about the technology. Since Bitcoin provides efficient means of transferring money over the internet, the process is much simpler and highly secure. you can check Bitcoin arvo to find out the current value of Bitcoin and the many factors that affect the value of Bitcoin. Also, the New York Restaurant group is planning to integrate onsite sports betting into many of the fusion restaurants in New York

NY Restaurant Group intends to allow onsite sports betting

The NYRSA or New York State Restaurant Association has tied up with a tech firm to make it possible for bars and restaurants in the state to engage in sports betting. Sites that provide New York betting sites comparison 2021 can help you choose the best sites to place your wagers.

The NYRSA, along with Elys Game Technology Corp, has drafted a written agreement promising to work in sync in order to develop a policy framework and infrastructure for making on-site betting possible. You must have seen sports bars in New York filled with spectators catching the action live on the big TV screens installed inside the bars. So, it is only natural that these restaurants and bars will try to take advantage of this phenomenon. They want to capitalize viewer interest in sports betting during such games. But the biggest roadblock has been establishing a regulatory system capable of keeping the gaming legal.

With this agreement and MOU, both Elys and NYRSA have made a pledge to come out with a New York model for sports betting. This is not the only state which has explored the prospect of legalizing sports betting in bars. Laws to remove restrictions on gaming inside Massachusetts establishments were introduced in their legislature earlier.

Best Fusion Restaurants in New York

If you do not mind taking culinary risks from time to time, try having dinner at any one of the below fusion restaurants in New York:

  1. Kimchi Grill: This is in Brooklyn, New York, and originally started as a Mexican taco truck with Korean flavor-infused meals. It is still popular for its kimchi rice balls and barbecue beef nachos. Now, you will find many physical outlets for this restaurant in NYC.
  2. Goa Taco: It is famous for its ingredient combinations because it can actually convert any dish into tacos. You should try one made with chicken chorizo, lamb, eggplant, or Brussel sprouts. The creator of this chain was a South African native who had worked in many restaurants throughout Australian and the UK. This is why you are going to fin flavors from Italy, Mexico, France, and even India in his dishes.
  3. Thursday Kitchen: This Korean-Spanish eatery is in East Village and known for serving the popular Capri-Sun cocktails. Its owner, Kay Hyun, is passionate about world cuisines and relationships between food cultures. She has a South Korean background but loves Spanish dishes and has training in French cuisines. This restaurant offers the “New Korean” cuisine that provides Korean traditional dishes with European twist. Do not forget to order for the pork tacos and kimchi paella.
  4. Macao Trading Co.: The dishes offered here reflect a unique mix of eastern and western flavors, ranging from Southeast Asian nations to Africa and Europe. It draws inspiration from the opium dens and gambling casinos in Macao during the thirties. You should try the lamb shank with bok choy, kabocha squash, and red chili oil.
  5. Griffon Gastropub: This is an American fusion restaurant which gets creative with began food and burgers. You can try the Buffalo chicken deviled egg, Vietnamese calamari, and Peanut butter and jelly burgers.
  6. Shalom Japan: This was a joint effort of chefs Aaron and Okochi and opened doors in 2013. The husband-wife duo was keen to showcase their culinary backgrounds and sought to introduce a blend of two cultures.
  7. Asian Star: This eatery in West Seneca, NY is one of the best-known for its Asian fusion offerings. It offers dishes from everywhere in China, including the famous Peking duck, Hunan shrimp, and also exotic dishes from Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan.
  8. Tomo Asian Bistro: This is another Asian fusion restaurant at Slingerlands, NY, known for its spicy offering from the Far East. Visitors should try the Penang curry, sushi, Pad Thai, and the General Tso’s chicken here.
  9. dp: This is a popular American Brasserie at Albany and provides comfort foods, cheese and locally-source food, using Asian cooking techniques. It caters to the foodie crowd in Albany and when you are here, you must try their Indonesian stir-fried noodles, Kobe sliders, and Atlantic Tuna tacos.
  10. Umami Burger: This provides creative versions of the regular burger in New York, catering to the burger lovers out there. You can try out their Japanese wings and falafel burgers to get a taste of their creations.

So, the next time you are in New York City and want to try out new fusion dishes, stop by at any of these above-mentioned restaurants for an out-of-the-world culinary experience.